Finalist (Fiction), The Sewanee Review 2021 Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction Contest

“Counterweight,” “Laden I,” “Laden II,” “Laden III,” “Mantis,” The Missouri Review, forthcoming 2021
The Yours Truly at Shaker Square is Closing,” The Southern Review, November 2021
Talking on the Phone Isn’t Good Enough,” SWIMM, May 2021
I Fell Asleep in September,” “Beside Myself in the Garden,” “One Foot in the Door,” The Normal School, May 2021
I Love the Nighttime,” Chicago Quarterly Review, December 2020
5,000 Prostitutes in Erice,” Rattle, June 2020
Love Notes About Myself Mostly,” Pembroke Magazine, May 2020
Garden Room,” Juked, February 2020
Come Sit Down, I’ve Made Something,” YES PLZ, December 2019
Forecast—,” “Come Again,” Luna Collective Magazine, September 2019
Pink Bodies,” Polemical Zine, September 2019
Party Animal,” Jawbreaker, September 2019
Loosed Blue Shadow,” 7×7, April 2019

Not Poetry