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One good poem a week by someone who isn’t me.
Arrives in your inbox every Friday. Occasionally includes Q&As with contemporary poets about their writing, always includes sparkling commentary on why a poem is worth reading. Not convinced? Check out a newsletter of yore or this one with an interview or the whole archive.

Thinking about it…
Wee! You're in.

Classy Reviews for Poem of the Week:

“I’m social distance drinking with my friends and made them all sign up.” Rachel W.

“I get the newsletter right before my team meeting, and it puts me in a better mood. My coworkers thank you.” Madeleine B.

*Recently featured in The Daily Good

“I’m a relatively new subsriber, but I’m already hooked. Creator Sonia Feldman’s poetry selections (usually be contemporary poets I wasn’t familiar with) are terrific, and her comments on the poems are just as good—pithy, evocative, whip-smart, funny. Highly recommended!” Mason Currey, Subtle Maneuvers